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Harry Potter and the lost souls (ff) - Chapter 2.

"I hate being a Witch."
"What!?" He yelled. "That... how... but..." Shane didn't know what to say. It was such a shock.
Who would have thought that people like Bell exist? Witches and Wizards who hated their ability.
"That's... unbelievable..." he whispered, "but why?"
"It's just... Magic was the reason my parents got separated, the reason I don't know my own father, and it took everything away that I loved...and..."
"And..?" He repeated softly.
"A-And... the rest is-is not necessary," she said as she opened her book again.
"Do you know anything about your father? About the... the things he did?"
Bell shook her head. "I don't know and I don't want to know. Please Shane, as a friend I ask you to stop talking about my family issues."
Shane had to smile when she called him a friend. "Okay, as a friend I will take it to heart." Again he laughed and Bell could swear that she saw little angels flying around his head and shoulders.
"Whoa..." She was stunned but quickly catched herself.
"Is everything alright?" He asked.

Harry Potter and the lost souls (ff) - Chapter 1.
cover for the headline for my first Harry Potter fanfic! 

It was the year 2018, Hogwarts opened its doors again for all the new and old students. The first years seemed nervous of course. Not everyone had the privilege to call themselves a witch or wizard. But the most nervous one of all was Bellerin Lavender. Not because she was scared to be sorted into the wrong house or because she was over excited to start learning how to use magic. No, it was quite the opposite; she hated being a witch.

read it here:…

i hope you like it ;-; <3 


I really really really need help with my story. I need someone who could help me editing my storys. My grammar and everything is terrible and without someone looking over my next chapter I can't upload it. I hope someone could help me for a long time with my ff. ;-;
My Oc Ria
"I can't take this anymore.......please.....I just want to be free!"

Phu...well..i drew that on my phone. Wasn't that easy.
So her name is ria, in this pic she is like..i guess 15 years old ouo She has a long story and i will post it another time, because i'm still struggling with drawing in one piece style...annnd i want to post her story together with her chara sheet.

And sorry for my english quq

Ria by Me

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda
What have I done.
Yeah man....that...that looks good.
Oh croco i swear you would like to kill me right now ,right?


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